Raiding the houses of Martyr Musbah Abu Sbeih, his brother and father…taking their measurements and checking walls
October 10, 2016

Occupation forces raided several houses for Abu Sbeih family in the village of Al-Ram on Monday early morning north of Jerusalem.

The Martyr’s family explained that occupation forces raided the building of Suboh Abu Sbeih- father of Martyr Musbah, in the village of Al-Ram concurrently with raiding the Martyr’s house as well as his brother’s house in Kufor Aqab; the building consists of two floors (4 apartments).

The family added that the forces searched all houses and detained the women in the men’s room and in another room and prevented them from talking or moving. They searched the houses and ascended the roofs and also searched a vehicle owned by the family after taking its keys. The forces also removed the posters and banners hung on the building’s walls.

The family also explained that the soldiers detained the Martyr’s wife and his 17-year old Eman alone and questioned them regarding their place of residence and the reason behind staying in Al-Ram and Kufor Aqab as well as the Martyr’s sons. An hour later, the forces arrested Eman without classifying the reason of arrest.

The soldiers took the measurements of the apartment where the Martyr’s parents live using laser techniques also without explaining the reason.

The occupation forces requested the Martyr’s sons, Izz and Sbeih, to attend an interrogation and threatened to raid the house again if they don’t show up.

In the neighborhood of Kufor Aqab, the forces raided the houses of Martyr Musbah and his brother Jaber when nobody was home. They damaged the contents of the Martyr’s house and took the measurements of the houses and also checked the walls and made holes in them.