Martyr Ali Shyoukhi…the occupation injured him and prevented him from receiving treatment while bleeding for three hours
October 14, 2016

Medical crews at the Palestinian Red Crescent and Nouran Organization confirmed that the occupation authorities prevented them from reaching Martyr Ali Atef Shyoukhi after he was injured and imposed a strict cordon on the village of Silwan especially the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh where the Martyr was initially injured.

A witness explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that two intelligence and occupation forces patrols raided Ein Al-Lozeh on Tuesday night and Molotov Cocktails were thrown at them. The forces responded with random firing of live bullets and injured Ali Shyoukhi; he was able to walk for a short distance after the injury.

Witnesses added that an army patrol stayed away from the location where Shyoukhi was injured. When young men attempted to approach Shyoukhi and help him, the forces fired sound grenades and rubber bullets to prevent them from providing him with any treatment; they completely surrounded the area and were deployed looking for him.

The witnesses added that Ali was able to walk and talk at the first moments of the injury and managed to sit in a nearby area where he couldn’t be seen; he was unable to move afterwards.

The occupation authorities turned the area of Ein Al-Lozeh into a military camp for nearly 3 hours and were deployed in all of its streets. They prevented locals from moving around as they were looking for the injured young man. Despite having information about an injured person, they prevented ambulances from entering the area and reaching the injured person; they also searched the ambulances several times.

Palestinian Red Crescent PRC

One of the volunteers at PRC, Nidal Abu Gharbieh, explained that the PLC dispatched an ambulance to Silwan  and the crew attempted to reach the injured young men several times but to no avail. A second ambulance was dispatched in attempt to reach the injured man from a different area.

Abu Gharbieh added that the occupation soldiers blocked the way of the second ambulance in the areas of Wad Al-Joz near the Fire Department, Lions Gate, Ras Al-Amoud and Wad Qaddoum. They searched the ambulance several times and delayed its arrival.

Abu Gharbieh added that the first ambulance was stopped and searched in Silwan 7 times and remained detained for more than half an hour. He said: “We were not able to reach the injury neither by ambulance nor by foot due to the Israeli presence in the area not to mention the difficulty of identifying the location of the injured young man.”

He explained that the Israeli forces were deployed in the area where they suspected the injury was located.

He also added that medical crews stayed for more than one and a half hours in Silwan without being able to treat the injured.

Nouran Paramedics Organization

The director of Nouran Paramedics Organization, Jawad Bakri, explained that medical crews were able to reach the young man nearly 3 hours after he suffered the injury. He was in a critical condition because of the severe bleeding he suffered after being shot in the pelvis. Paramedics provided him with the necessary treatment before the doctor announced his Martyrdom.

Ali Atef Shyoukhi

Martyr Ali Shyoukhi was born on 11/11/1996 and has three brothers (Fares, Firas and his twin-brother Mohammad) and 5 sisters.

He was arrested 5 times and his first arrest was when he was only 12 and was subject to house-arrest for one month. His last arrest was in October 2014 and was sentenced for 15 months in prison. He was released on 12/10/2015. Two days before his Martyrdom, he was requested for interrogation by the Israeli intelligence at Nabi Yaakov police station in Beit Hanina and was supposed to attend interrogation on Thursday; he passed away on Tuesday.

He was working in installing “dry walls” and had recently registered to obtain his high school diploma; his dream was to enroll in law school.

His sister Souad was arrested and detained for 18 months in 2007 without filing any charges against her (administrative arrest). She was also arrested in 2011 for 18 days.

His brother Fares spent one year under house-arrest and three months in prison while Firas spent 27 months in prison. His twin-brother Mohammad was also detained for 11 months.

Mohammad was arrested again one day after the Martyrdom of his brother and was accused of planning to carry out an attack.