After Hilal Al-Quds Club raised a banner for Martyr Abu Sbeih, the Ministry of Education suspends the director of Esawyeh School from work for two weeks
October 20, 2016

The Israeli Ministry of Education suspended the director of Esawyeh School and trainer of Hilal Al-Quds Club, Khader Obeid, for two weeks after a banner for Martyr Musbah Abu Sbeih was held in one of the club’s football matches.

The committee of students’ parents explained that the Ministry of Education requested Khader Adnan for interrogation after the incitement campaign held against Hilal Al-Quds Club following its game with Hebron in Faisal Al-Husseini stadium. Before the game, a banner was raised saying: “Hilal Al-Quds Club mourns (Al-Aqsa Lion) Martyr Musbah Abu Sbeih”; players and spectators stood one minute of silence before the start of the game.

The committee added that the suspension is subject for renewal claiming that the banner is a form of incitement against Israeli.

The students’ parents committee, follow-up committee, in the village of Esawyeh, officials and locals denounced the Israeli attack against the Director of the School.