Under the pretext of “noise”…the occupation is trying to silence the call to prayer in Jerusalem
November 6, 2016

Within the Israeli municipality and the Israeli police attempts to change the Islamic character of the city of Jerusalem and put out the voice of one the religious observances, the Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat recently instructed the director general of the municipality to elaborate a plan to deal with what he described as "noise” caused by loudspeakers in the Mosques of Jerusalem in the times of “Call to Prayers” and to prepare a survey of the Mosques that use loudspeakers and determine its levels.

This comes after a letter of protest and a sit-in protest by dozens of the settlers of "Pisgat Ze'ev" last Thursday in front of the Mayor’s house to protest the call to prayer.

Recently, settlers’ demands to stop the “Call to Prayers” at the Mosques or lower the volume increased and the Israeli police announced last August the intention to silence the Mosques in Jerusalem.

Last Friday, the occupation authorities informed three “Mosque Criers” in the village of Abu Dis east of Jerusalem about banning the “Dawn Call to Prayer” over loudspeakers in three Mosques (Al-Rahman, Al-Jami’a and Al-Taybeh) without explaining the reason.