The occupation forces arrest a child…prison sentences…a decision to close a commercial establishment in Silwan
November 21, 2016

The occupation forces arrested on Monday night a child from the village of Silwan while the District judges sentenced a young man for 18 years of actual imprisonment.


Wadi Hilweh information Center was informed that the forces arrested 11-year old Khaled Zaytoon from the neighborhood of Al-Bustan in Silwan.

Prison sentences

On the other hand, the District Court in Jerusalem issued a prison sentence for 18 years against 19-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Subhi Ibrahim Abu Khalifeh from Shu’fat refugee camp and also imposed a fine of 180 thousand NIS in addition to a suspended probation of 12 months for three years; he was arrested in October 2015.

The judge also sentenced Rami Mheisen for 22 months of actual imprisonment, a 5-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation of 12 months for three years.

Plea bargain

The defendant lawyer of 20-year old Abed Dwayyat reached an agreement with the Israeli prosecution to sentence his client for 18 years on charges of causing the death of an Israeli settler by throwing stones at his vehicle in the streets of Jabal Al-Mukabber in September 2015.

Extensions of arrest

The judge extended the arrest of Malek Assaileh, Yazan Harafsheh and Adham Ja’abees until 22/11/2016; Mahmoud Obeid, Tarek Obeid and Mutasem Obeid until 12/12/2016 (indictments including charges of throwing stones were submitted against them).

The judge also extended the arrest of Shadi Alayan until 23/11/2016, Mustafa Hashlamon and Seif Abu Ta’a until 27/11/2016, Eid Shabaneh until 22/11/16 and Yousef Abu Shkeidem until completing the legal procedures against him.

The police released Mohammad Abu Rammouz with a third-party bail.

A decision to close a commercial establishment

On the other hand, the municipality’s court issued a decision to close a restaurant owned by Mousa Na’eem Fatafta under the pretext of building without a permit; the restaurant is 20 square meters.

Fatafta explained that he opened the restaurant and was surprised by receiving a notice requesting him to head to the municipality under the pretext of “working without a business license”. Fatafta had attempted to obtain a license but the requirements were almost impossible and the municipality issued its final decision to close the restaurant and imposed a fine on him.

Fatafta explained that 4 people make their living from the restaurant.