Silwan: The Jerusalemite Saeed and Naser Abbasi self-demolish their homes
December 3, 2016

Saeed Abbasi and his brother Naser were forced to self-demolish their homes in Silwan following an order by the municipality’s court under the pretext of building on a “green land”.

Saeed Abbasi explained that both houses are in the neighborhood of “Karm Al-Sheikh” in Silwan and were built nearly two and a half years ago with a total area of 300 square meters. After finishing construction on the outside, municipality crews raided the area and handed them a demolition order under the pretext of building without a permit.

Abbasi added that he and his brother built their houses on their private land and were then forced to close both houses with cement following an order from the municipality’s court; they stopped construction since then in an attempt to obtain a building permit as they were threatened to be jailed if they continue the construction.

Abbasi continued that they tried to obtain a permit until the District Court in Jerusalem issued a decision to demolish the house under the pretext of building on a “green land” where construction is prohibited.

Abbasi added that he and his brother intended to move with their families that consist of 12 individuals, half of them children.