Video and pictures: Preventing the body of a Jerusalemite woman from being buried in Al-Rahmeh Gate Cemetery…and arresting two of her grandchildren
December 5, 2016

The occupation authorities prevented on Monday afternoon the family of the deceased Khadijeh Abu Al-Doleh from being buried in Al-Rahmeh Gate Cemetery that is adjacent to Al-Aqsa Mosque under the pretext of confiscating the land in favor of the Nature and Parks authority.

Special Forces surrounded the cemetery on Monday afternoon. When the funeral arrived, they prevented the participants from entering the cemetery and informed them that the location of her grave is confiscated and she can’t be buried there.

Khadijeh’s family explained that they were not allowed to enter and bury her. The family pointed out that several family members have been buried in the same grave several years ago including Khadijeh’s son and father, and that they have never been denied entrance or had any restrictions imposed on them.

The family also added that the forces and officers conditioned the family to open another grave in the cemetery in order to bury the deceased Abu Al-Doleh,

The family noted that the forces arrested Mousa Jubran Abu Doleh and his brother Shafiq (Khadijeh’s grandchildren) on Monday morning while preparing for the funeral procedures. The intelligence detained them and prevented them from taking the final look at their grandmother and performing a prayer to her soul.