Al-Tur: Sentencing five Jerusalemite children
December 22, 2016

The District judge sentenced on Thursday five Jerusalemites from the village of Al-Tur on charges of throwing Molotov Cocktails towards a settlement outpost.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the District judge sentenced 5 Jerusalemite children from Al-Tur for actual imprisonment and fines; the sentences were as follows:

  • Mahmoud Ahmad Abulhawa (18): Actual imprisonment for 3 years and a 2500-NIS fine.
  • Omar Abulhawa (16): Actual imprisonment for 2 years and a 1500-NIS fine.
  • Abdullah Samer Fahed Abu Sbitan (17): Actual imprisonment for 18 months and a 1500-NIS fine.
  • Basem Maher Sbitani (17): Actual imprisonment for 15 months and a 1000-NIS fine.
  • Siraj Mahmoud Odeh Abu Sbitan (16): Actual imprisonment for 22 months and a 2000-NIS fine.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that Musta’ribeen individuals (undercover police) arrested the children at the end of last March after assaulting and severely beating them near the entrance of the village of Al-Tur where they suffered multiple bruises.