Extending the Restraint of a Woman and Jerusalemite Young Men…Prisoner Releases
December 25, 2016

The judge at the magistrate courts extends the restraint of a Jerusalemite woman and other young adults and men, and decides to release others under certain conditions.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the court extended the restraint of the Jerusalemite woman Ms. Aisha Afghani, a resident of Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood - Silwan, until next Wednesday. She was arrested yesterday in the Old City of Jerusalem, for allegedly trying to implement stabbing.

The judge extended the detention of Yacoub Qawasmi, age 15, Mo’ayad Abu Mayala, age 17, and Majd Al A’war, age 16, until next Wednesday. He extended the detention of Mohammad Al Shalodi and Ahmad Al Shalodi until tomorrow; however, the restraint of Ihab Srour and Mo’tasem Habib has been extended till the end of the legal trials held against them.

The judge also extended the detention of youths: Bahjat Al Razim until 01/17/2017, Mahmoud Derbas until 01/30/2017, Jawda Abu Jum’a and Odai Al Sha’er until 01/30/2017, Fadi Al Shawa and Jawad Maz’aro until 01/29/2017, Mahdi Abu Ghanam and Sultan Khwais until 03/30/2017, Ameer Al Karaki until 01/24/2017, Mohammad Abeid and Mo’ath Abeid till the end of the legal trials held against them, and Odai Abu Al Sa’d until 01/10/2017.


Prisoner Releases…                       

The Israeli police released Naser Abu Joum’a, age 15, Odai Fadi Abu Joum’a, age 13, Wael Marwan Abu Sbeitan, age 19, and Abd Al Hadi Basem Abu Ghazaleh, age 13, from Al Tur village, after displaying a video recording that showed the boys standing on one of Al Tur streets refuting the Israeli police’s allegations that tried to convict “charges of throwing stones” against these boys.

The judge also decided to release Fouad Al Qaq, age 20, under the conditions of paying a 2,000 Shekel bail, and undergoing house arrest with banishment from the town of Tur for 10 days.

The judge also decided to release Tayseer Abu Sbeih- the brother of the martyr Misbah- under the condition of undergoing house arrest for 7 days, and paying a bail worth 500 shekels, and to ensure a third party.

The judge decided to release Mustafa Badawi Sheikha, age 17, Mohammad Khaled Sheikha, age 17,  and Yazan Harafsha, age 14, with the conditions of undergoing house arrest for 7 days, paying a bail of 500 Shekels and ensuring a third party with a value of 5,000 Shekels.