Incident- Images: A New Settlement Outpost in Silwan for the Elad Settlement Association after Being Leaked from its Owner
December 30, 2016


 A leaking incident

Friday afternoon, armed settlers’ guards spread in the new settlement outpost located in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in Silwan which was leaked to the Elad Settlement Association in the early hours of dawn.

Wadi Hilweh-Silwan Information Center said that a residential building in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in Silwan was leaked to the Elad Settlement Association on Friday at dawn. The property is a two-storey building with a total surface area of 160 square meters.

The Center added that the ownership of the property has bed been shifted among several families (Abu Rmeileh, Maswadeh, and Al Rajabi), and it was inhabited by several other families with a “house rental contract”. Yesterday, Thursday, a woman changed the locks of the property.

In follow-up of the leaked property…and according to what Al Rajabi Family claim, that “Husam Radwan Al Rajabi” bought the house in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood 7 years ago, and he and his family lived in it for several years, and at the end of July 2015 he has sold it to the called upon Mahran Al Ja’bari.

Al Rajabi family showed a paper they obtained from the Jerusalem Governorate by “Mahran Mohammad Al Ja’bari” titled “Purchase Permit- for the citizen Mahran Mohammad Younes Al Ja’bari” that states that there is no objection by the Jerusalem Governorate to grant “Mahran Al Ja’bari, a resident of Shufat refugee camp- Jerusalem” permission to buy piece of land number (1-34) lot (30124) Silwan- Wadi Hilweh, from the seller Husam Radwan Al Rajabi.

Rajabi Family added that Mahran Al Ja’bari handed Husam Radwan Al Rajabi the paper issued by the governorate- according to what Ja’bari told him on this matter- and after about two weeks the process of selling and buying was completed between Rajabi and Ja’bari on 07/27/201, the proper was handed to Ja’bari.

Wadi Hilweh-Silwan Information Center explained that tens of masked members of the Special Forces accompanied by settlers stormed Wadi Hilweh neighborhood, and blocked the entrance of “Fakhouri” neighborhood with a truck and prevented residents from approaching the area, then took control over the property, after entering from its main door without the presence of its residents inside.

The Center explained that Jewish settlers stormed into Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in the evening hours on Thursday and were distributed across a number of outposts that have been leaked during the last period, and after midnight, they invaded the property with the support of the Israeli Special Forces.

The Center also pointed out that this settlement outpost is the first in the “Fakhouri” area in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood; on Wednesday the occupation authorities suddenly installed surveillance cameras at the entrance of the neighborhood.