After being built for 15 years – the occupation demolishes two houses in Shuafat, north of Jerusalem
January 4, 2017

Today, Wednesday at dawn, Israeli bulldozers demolished two houses that belong to Adnan Shweiki in Shuafat neighborhood, north of the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the two houses belong to the citizen Adnan Shweiki. Yasser Abd Al Min’em Masalmeh and his family live there with his son Mohammad Masalmeh; they are a total of 11 individuals, among them are 5 children, in addition to Fadi Faqeeh and his family composed of 4 members including two children.

Shweiki explained that the two houses were built 15 years ago, and he tried to authorize them and provided the municipality with the necessary paperwork by engineers and lawyers. He was able to postpone the demolition several times; he also paid building fines and penalties to keep them from being demolished. However, he was surprised by today's demolition process, pointing out that the last postponement was for the beginning of this year, he tried to extend it but the municipality demolished the houses quickly after it was done.

Shweiki added that the municipality has imposed two building violation fines with the value of 250 thousand Shekels, and 85 thousand Shekels, and he committed to pay them, as well as 80 thousand shekels that he paid the crews of the municipality who stormed his house seven years ago to destroy it, and that day he managed to postpone the demolition as a decision from the municipality.