After Demolishing a Family’s Building- the Israeli Municipality Decided to Demolish a Residential Facility that belongs to Ja’afra Family in Silwan
January 5, 2017

Israeli municipality issued a decision to demolish the house of Issa Ja’afra in the “Bridge” district in Silwan village, under the pretext of building without a permit.

After the occupation bulldozers demolished the family’s building in the land under the pretext of building without a permit, the citizen Issa Ja’afra built a home from “wood, tin, iron sheets, and gypsum” at the beginning of last October. He says that now the Israeli’s are after him for his “little modest” house.

Ja’afra added: “They demolished our family’s building that consisted of four residential apartments on 10/26/2015, and its members became homeless. I began building near the rubble of our demolished building on our family’s land, and during that, municipal crews raided the area and handed me a “demolition warning”. When I finished building and moved in with my family of eight members (six children ranging in age from 17 years to 7 months), the municipality issued a decision of an “administrative demolition”.

Ja’afra added that the municipality held three courts to postpone the decision to demolish his home, but insists on the decision, rejecting to impose him with a building violation fee in exchange to postpone the demolition for a long time. Pointing out that the municipal crews asked him to demolish his home himself for not paying the charges for the demolition crews, which could reach 40 thousand Shekels. Ja’afra’s response to that is: “I will not tear down my house by myself; I cannot even think about it, it does not make sense to tear down my house, which I built with my own hands”

Ja’afra explained that the municipality has been chasing the family in their homes. The building that was demolished last October was about 17 years old; the family managed to postpone the demolition decision several times, trying to certify it, until the final decision to demolish the house was issued and implemented which has caused the displacement of 30 people.