Elad Settlement Organization seize a new property in Silwan
January 8, 2017

The settlement organization “Elad” seized last Sunday early morning a new property in the village of Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center (WHIC) said that the property is owned by Ali Mohammad Ahmad Sarhan also known as Hani Sarhan. It is a house that consists of two floors where each is nearly 70 square meters.

WHIC was informed that nearly 10 settlers’ guards entered the property of Hani Sarhan in Al-Ein Street and seized it when none of the residents was present. Verbal altercations broke out between the relatives of Hani Sarhan who live in a neighboring house and the settlers’ guards. One of the relatives presented several papers and documents issued from the Israeli courts to the police and Special Forces that accompanied the settlers’ guards proving ownership of the property.

Sarhan family explained that Elad Settlement organization claimed ownership of the property several years ago and claimed to buy through one of the brokers after Hani had sold it to someone from the 1948 lands. When Hani found out that the property is being “leaked” to settlement organization, he headed to court and was able to take back his property 3 years ago following an order from the Israeli court.

Sarhan family also added that Hani had travelled to Jordan with his wife and children few days ago. He was informed of the settlers’ actions and will head to the Israeli courts as soon as he comes back.

The Information center confirmed it will publish any new information regarding the property that was seized.

WHIC pointed out that Elad Settlement organization seized at the end of last year a property in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh. The ownership of the property was transferred between the families of Abu Rmeileh, Maswadeh, Rajabi and Ja’bari in the last few years and several families have lived in it under leasing contracts during the last seven years.