The Cabinet “Decides to Punish” Martyr Fadi Al Qunber's Family... The Arrest of 9 Jerusalemites
January 8, 2017


On Sunday, the mini Ministerial Council of security and political affairs, “Security Cabinet” decided to demolish the home of martyr Fadi Al Qunber at Jabal Al Mukaber neighborhood, south of Jerusalem.

The (Cabinet) decided in its meeting not to deliver the corpse of the martyr to his family and to demolish his home as soon as possible, as well as to reject any forms of reunion that the family requested or will request.

Today, Fadi Al Qunber executed a run-over with a truck near the settlement of “Armon Hanatziv” located on the territory of the village of Jabal Al Mukaber, which lead to the killing of an officer and three soldiers.

Arrests and Invasions

Israeli police said in a statement this evening that they had arrested nine Palestinians after the implementation of the run-over, including five members of the martyr’s family.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that after the run-over operation, Israeli forces arrested: Tahani Al Qunber, age 21, the martyr’s wife, Manwa Al Qunber, age 63, the martyr’s mother, Ahmad Al Qunber, age 85, the martyr’s father, his brother Mohammad, age 30, and Munther Al Qunber, age 22.

They also stormed a brick factory in Wad Qadum neighborhood of Silwan, and arrested its owner, Musa Sharaf, age 55, and his son Dahoud, age 26.

The occupation forces also arrested Osama Sbeih from the Damascus Gate area, during the spread of troops in the area after the operation.

Forces also summoned the sisters of the martyr, and released them after interrogating them, while the arrest of his sister Shadia Al Qunber is still ongoing.

Forces also arrested Mohammad Al Qunber, the martyr’s cousin, according to reports from his family.