Settlers seize a room, storage and a courtyard in Silwan…and Salah family members are “detained” in their home!!!
February 10, 2017

Settlers seized on Friday early morning a residential room and its facilities in addition to storage area and a courtyard in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan.

Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that a group of settlers along with occupation forces raided “Hosh Qaraeen” in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan using flashlights. They completely surrounded it and seized a residential room with it facilities and storage area that were used for raising sheep. The settlers changed the door locks and placed a fence.

The center explained that the settlers seized a 30-square meters room, a 50-sqaure meters courtyard used as a passage to the room and the house where the family of Izzat Salah lives. It is noteworthy that the property is owned by Aref Qaraeen.

The center also added that the settlers stormed into the storage area (200 square meters) but the locals were able to confront them and evacuate them from parts of since Aref Qaraeen doesn’t own the whole area. Settlers seized nearly 50 square meters of the storage. Members from Qaraeen family headed in the morning to court and obtain an order to evacuate the settlers from the storage area.

Salah family “detained” in their home!!!

Wadi Hilweh Center said that the family members of Izzat Salah are now “detained” in their home where they have live since 1968 after settlers seized the passage to their home. Khaldoun Salah said they were surprised by the settlers’ seizure of the courtyards which leads to their home and that they cannot use anymore.

He said: “The main gate leading to the courtyard and the two apartments was closed with chains. No one is allowed to enter the house where I am only with my father.”

Salah said that his family used to live in the room which was seized today. Two years ago, the owners “Aref Qaraeen” filed a case to evict them from the room that was never used since. He also said that a court order states that the courtyard should only be used as passage to the two apartments.

Salah added that the owner Aref Qaraeen previously offered them large sums of money to leave the apartment where they are considered a “protected tenant”. The family refused all offers and insisted on staying in their home.