Self-demolishing a storage in Silwan…raiding house
February 12, 2017

Members of Qaraeen family self-demolished a storage in Silwan following the occupation municipality’s order and to avoid paying fines.

Um Ammar Qaraeen explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that her family self-demolished a storage in Silwan after municipality crews had raided the area last Friday, took pictures and handed them a demolition order. She explained that the storage was established nearly two years ago and is built from bricks and tin plates; it is 16 square meters.

On the other hand, occupation forces raided on Sunday afternoon several houses in “Hosh Bashir” in Silwan.

Forces were also deployed in Ein Al-Lozeh, Silwan concurrently with the arrival of released prisoner Mahmoud Salah Ashour to his house. They prevented them from raising flags and launching fireworks in the streets. It is noteworthy that the occupation intelligence had requested prisoner Ashour for interrogation at Jabal Al-Mukabber police station after he was released from prison and before arriving into Silwan, and informed him about the prohibition of launching fireworks and raising flags.

Ashour has spent 22 months in the occupation’s prisons.