Convicting a Jerusalemites girl with an “attempt to kill” charges…extensions of arrest...prison sentences
February 14, 2017

The District court judges convicted on Tuesday 17-year old Manar Salman with charges of “attempting to kill and possession of a knife”.

Prison sentences

On the other hand, the judges sentenced Fadi Al-Shawa for 80 days of actual imprisonment and a 3600-NIS fine in addition to a suspended probation of 4 months for 3 years, and also sentenced Yazan Abu Asab (minor) for 10 months of actual imprisonment, a 3600-NIS fine and a suspended probation of 6 months for 3 years.

In the same context, Khader Qunbar (minor) was not convicted and was only sentenced to a 60-hour course.

Extending the arrest of young men

Lawyer Mohamamd Mahmoud explained that the judge extended the arrest of Mansour Mahmoud, Ahmad Jamal Atyeh, Midhat Obeid, Mohammad Fozi, Amir Dirbas and Mohammad Dirbas until 19/2/2017, Issa Dirbas and Amid Obeid until 17/2/2017 to submit indictments against them, Amer Zidani until 21/2/2017, Hisham Kawasmi and Wisam Kawasmi and Bashar Mahmoud until 15/2/2017.

Extending the arrest of minors

The judge also extended the arrest of Bara’ Mahmoud and Majd Abu Sakran until 15/2/2017, Ahmad Salaymeh and Mohammad Abu Asab and Mo’men Dibs until 15/3/2017. A witnesses hearing session was held for Majd Mustafa and he was acquitted from the charges of throwing Molotov Cocktails and was convicted of throwing stones; the judge extended his arrest until 15/3/2017.

The judge also extended the arrest of Khaled Sukhon until 10/5/2017 and reduced the house-arrest imposed on him making it from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m.

The public prosecution submitted an indictment against the child Mustafa Abulhawa and the judge extended his arrest until 10/5/2017.


The judge released Ahmad Obeidat with a 4-thousand NIS bail, house-arrest for 7 days and a third-party bail.

Rejecting an appeal

The District judges rejected the appeal submitted by the lawyer of the Jerusalemite prisoner Shifa’ Shallodi to reduce her 7-month prison sentence issued by the Magistrate court.