Medical negligence inside prisons- 40 hours to treat the “appendicitis” for the minor Majd Sa’eedeh
February 15, 2017

The administration of Megiddo prison released on Tuesday (7/2/2017) the 17-year old Jerusalemite Majd Nader Sa’eedeh after serving his 17-month prison sentence in the occupation prisons between Al-Maskobyeh, Hasharon, Giv’on and Megiddo in addition to the prisons’ hospitals in Afula and Ramleh.

The freed prisoner suffered from medical negligence and a delay in the treatment of pain in his stomach which led to an explosion of his appendicitis causing poisoning and pollution in the stomach that led to weakness in the tissues of the abdominal wall and stomach muscles. He remained under treatment and follow-up for three months later in Afula and Ramleh prisons.

Majd said: “I was arrested in September 2015. Seven months later, I started feeling severe pains in the abdominal area. I was then in Megiddo prison and the prison’s doctor was giving me pain relief medicine which wasn’t reducing the pain. After a week of severe pain, the doctor asked me to drink “Coke” to identify the pain.”

He continued: “I drank the Coke and several hours later I suffered severe pain that I can’t even describe. It was a very difficult night. I couldn’t walk or sit inside the small room where 10 inmates were detained. Everybody requested the doctor to check me and find out what’s happening. The doctor arrived with the guard nearly half an hour later. The doctor checked my temperature through the room’s small window and an hour later received a permit to open the door and transfer me to another room with the young men.”

Majd added “All these hours, I did not receive any treatment. The next morning, I was transferred in a police vehicle while handcuffed to Afula hospital to undergo the necessary check-ups. After several hours of waiting, I was diagnosed with “appendicitis” and the doctors decided an urgent surgery.”

Sa’eedeh continued: “During the surgery it was revealed that the appendicitis had exploded in my abdominal. I remained in hospital under treatment and monitoring for 22 days. Despite the severe pain and weakness I was suffering, my hands and feet were cuffed at all times to the bed, and policemen and guards were present inside and outside my room. My mother was able to visit me 3 times in hospital.”

Nader Sa’eedeh explained that the family found out about their son being inside the hospital from the doctor in duty who called the family to ask for their approval to conduct the surgery for Majd since he is a minor. When the father attempted to get an explanation about his son’s condition, the doctor told him that if he delays the approval, he would take Majd as a dead body because of the seriousness of his condition. He pointed out that Majd underwent the surgery 40 hours after the “appendicitis” had exploded.