Pictures- occupation municipality decides to confiscate a land in Silwan
February 16, 2017

The occupation municipality decided to confiscate a land owned by Ghazlan-Abbasi family in Al-Ein Street in Silwan under the pretext of using it for “public benefit”.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that municipality crews raided the village of Silwan on Thursday and hung a note on a piece of land in both Arabic and Hebrew saying: “Order to use an empty piece of land in order to do gardening work”; they also attached a map showing the location of the land.

The center added that the 300-square meters land is owned by Ghazlan family and is classified as “green land” by the municipality where building is prohibited.

According to the municipality’s order, the land will be confiscate and used for 5 years based on Article 2 of the law of "local authorities - temporary use of an empty land". Trees will be planted and irrigation systems will be installed as well as equipment and toys.

According to the decision, the owner of the land can submit an objection to the order of confiscating the land within 90 days.

Mohammad Ghazlan-Abbasi (one of the heirs of the land) confirmed his refusal of the order and said: “I will head to court to object the order of confiscating the land even if it is temporary. If the land will be used for public benefit and for the benefit of the locals of Silwan, then we will plant it and install toys and benches.”