The occupation forces arrest two women…deporting three young men from their residency in the village of Esawyeh
February 19, 2017

The occupation forces arrested on Sunday two women from Silwan and the Israeli Magistrate judge decided to deport three young men from the village of Esawyeh.

Witnesses explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the forces arrested a woman after stopping her at a checkpoint in Ras Al-Amoud, Silwan. The forces also raided a house in the Middle Neighborhood for Abu Sbeih family and arrested a woman.

On the other hand, the judge decided to release Samir Dirbas, Mansour Mahmoud and Ahmad Atyeh with a 10-thousand NIS bail for each and deportation from the village of Esawyeh for one week.

The judge also decided to release Younes Abu Hummos with a third-party bail of 10 thousand NIS and house-arrest for 10 days, and released Mahmoud Mustafa and Mohammad Dari with a 3-thousand NIS bail and house-arrest for two weeks.

Extensions of arrest

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the judge extended the arrest of Midhat Obeid until 21/2/2017, Ihab Abu Dheim until 26/2/2017, Naser Obeid until 22/2/2017, Ahmad Rabay’a until 23/3/2017, Mohammad Dirbas and Mohammad Fawzi Obeid until 23/3/2017.