After 15 years in prison, Mohammad Zidan Mahmoud is released under conditions
February 21, 2017

The occupation police released Mohammad Zidan Mahmoud (39) after spending 15 years and 3 days in the occupation’s prisons.

Before midnight and several hours after the Magistrate judge’s decision to release Mahmoud, the occupation authorities released him on condition of deportation from the village of Esawyeh for 3 days and banning and welcoming ceremonies for 90 days.

The occupation police extended on Tuesday the arrest of 39-year old Mohammad Zidan Mahmoud until Wednesday on charges of “planning to carry out a terrorist attack”.

Mohammad’s family said their son was arrested on Tuesday morning in front of Jalboo’ prison immediately after being released. Mohammad had just finished his 15-year prison sentence. He was transferred for interrogation at Al-Maskobyeh and was accused of planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

The family added that the occupation police and intelligence personnel were waiting for him outside the prison and prevented family and friends from approaching the freed prisoner and immediately arrested him.

Since the early morning hours on Tuesday, the occupation forces and intelligence harassed the family of Mohammad Zidan Mahmoud and raided their house. They also raided the tent the family had established in the village’s playground and seized it before arrested Mohammad and transferring him to Al-Maskobyeh for interrogation.