Shu’fat refugee Camp- The child Abdullah Anati critically injured after being targeted by a rubber bullet
February 28, 2017

The 14-year old Abdullah Haron Anati was critically injured on Monday after being targeted by a rubber bullet in Shu’fat refugee camp.

The child’s mother explained that her son suffered a tear in his left lung and internal bleeding in addition to a tear in his left arm’s muscle after being targeted by a rubber bullet while he was heading home in the refugee camp through the checkpoint established on the camp’s entrance.

Regarding the incident, Abeer Anati said: “My husband and I went to get my children from their schools in Kufor Aqab back to our house in Shu’far refugee camp. Upon reaching the checkpoint established at the entrance of the refugee camp, there was heavy traffic and clashes where tear-gas canisters were randomly fired. My children (Abdullah and his sisters) and I left the car and went to cross the checkpoint on foot to reach out home.”

She said that they passed the checkpoint and the area of the clashes and were walking all together in the camp’s narrow roads. Abdullah was walking in front of her and she heard about somebody being injured. Moments before reaching her house, several children approached her and told her that Abdullah was injured.

She said: “I immediately took him to the medical center and the doctor requested to quickly transfer him to the hospital since he was critically injured. At the checkpoint, the soldiers tried to prevent us from going through and detained us for more than half an hour before allowing us to pass. He was critically injured and was continuously throwing up blood. The soldiers conditioned us to take him to Hadassah hospital near the village of Esawyeh and assigned two soldiers to accompany him inside the ambulance. Also, a military vehicle was following the ambulance all the way to the hospital.”

Anati explained that her son underwent necessary check-ups and x-rays only to find out that the rubber bullet hit him few centimeters from the heart and caused internal bleeding, a tear in his left lung and a tear in his left arm’s muscle; he is still receiving treatment at the hospital.  

Despite his medical condition, Abdullah is still under-arrest and detained at the hospital. The occupation intelligence conducted a preliminary interrogation on Monday night while he was under the effect of medicine and painkillers. He was accused of throwing stones towards the soldiers. They confiscated his clothes and shoes as the police claimed to have pictures of him throwing stones despite his mother’s confirmation that he was heading home.