Sentencing a Jerusalemite young man after spending 22 months under house-arrest and deportation from his home
March 1, 2017

The District judge sentenced 21-year old Mohammad Kayed Abu Sara from Silwan for 8 months of actual imprisonment after he had been under house-arrest for 22 months away from his hometown Silwan.

Mohammad was arrested on 20/5/2017 and was detained for two months before being released on condition of house-arrest and deportation from Silwan.

The judge also sentenced the minor Mohammad Nasri for 10 months of actual imprisonment, a 500-NIS fine and a suspended probation of 14 months for two years.

In a related matter, the judge extended the arrest of Issa Dirbas and Ameed Obeid until completing the legal procedures against them, Yaser Al-Razem until 29/6/2017 for sentencing, Amin Hamed until 16/3/2017, Jihad Ameera until 9/3/2017, Awad Obeid and Ismaeel Obeidat and Mohammad Abu Nijmeh until 5/3/2017.

The judge decided to release Mahmoud Abdel Haq on condition of house-arrest for 7 days and a 500-NIS bail.