The occupation forces raid the house of Martyr Matar and arrest his parents and brother
March 13, 2017

The occupation forces raided on Monday morning the house of Martyr Ibrahim Mahmoud Matar in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber and arrested four of his family members after searching and damaging the contents of his house; they closed the house and seized its keys.

Ayoub Matar, Martyr’s uncle, explained that large Israeli forces raided the house and completely surrounded it. They searched the house and then arrested the Martyr’s father, Mahmoud 49, mother, brothers –Rida Mahmoud Matar 29- and uncle – Matar Matar 42. They also requested the martyr’s brother, Ata, for interrogation; he had just gotten married last Friday.

Matar explained that the forces closed the house and seized its keys after the raid and then withdrew from the area.

Matar refused the occupation’s story that Ibrahim carried out a stabbing attack. He said that Ibrahim went to pray the Dawn Prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque like every day. They do not know what happened with him but he does not belong to any party or movement and doesn’t have any political interests. He requested to reveal the recordings inside the police station and outside in order to find out what had happened with the Martyr.

Witnesses explained that Matar was shot after evacuating him outside the Lions Gate police station. He was detained inside and was being searched and nobody knows what happened inside. After evacuating him outside the station, he was shot and immediately passed away.

The occupation police said they banned the family from establishing a mourning tent for Martyr Ibrahim Matar near his family’s house.