Releasing journalist Mohammad Abed Rabbo…extensions of arrest
March 13, 2017

The occupation police released on Monday night the Jerusalemite journalist Mohammad Abed Rabbo after detaining him for several hours at “Adam” settlement police station; he was arrested from the DCO checkpoint north of Al-Bireh city.

In a related matter, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Hatem Shweiki until Wednesday and Mohammad Fasfoos until 4/4/2017.

The judge also extended the arrest of Adam Hamdan, Musleh Shihadeh and Mahmoud Salah until 15/3/2017.

The judge released Wael Karawa (minor) with a third-party bail while the police released Mohammad Abu Al-Hammam, Karim Abu Tayeh, Odai Abu Tayeh, Ayman Abu Tayeh, Mahmoud Abu Nab and Wasim Khalil Bader.

The occupation forces raided the house of Ayoub Abu Sara in Silwan and searched its contents and also requested his son Mohammad for interrogation next Sunday.