A hearing session at the Supreme Court to discuss the appeals submitted regarding the detained Martyrs’ bodies
March 22, 2017

A hearing session was held on Wednesday at the Israeli Supreme Court to discuss the appeals submitted by the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights he Prisoners Affairs Commission regarding the Martyr’s bodies detained in the occupation’s freezers.

After the Supreme Court judges heard the allegations of both sides, they requested the public prosecution to submit a detailed explanation of the reasons of not releasing the Martyrs’ bodies; note that the bodies of Martyrs Abdel Hameed Sroor, Musbah Abu Sbeih, Mohammad Tarayra, Mohammad Faqeeh and Rami Awartani are detained in the occupation’s freezers.

The lawyer of Prisoners Affairs Commission, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Supreme Court judges refused the prosecution’s claims to link the Martyrs’ bodies with Hamas movement, and also refused the prosecution’s claims when they said “the bodies have a great value and could be used to put pressure on Hamas to release the detained soldier in Gaza Strip”. The judges considered the allegations not convincing and requested the prosecution to respond within 45 days to clarify the reasons for not releasing the detained bodies.