Occupation forces assault Jerusalemites
March 23, 2017

Occupation Special Forces assaulted on Thursday morning several Jerusalemites and severely beat them in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz in Jerusalem.

A video showed a Special Forces person assaulting a group of Jerusalemite men and severely beating them which led to the injury of 50-year old Mazen Ra’fat Shweiki with shortness of breath and multiple bruises while 26-year old Ahmad Tawil suffered a swollen eye.

Mazen Shweiki explained that he headed to his truck that is parked in the parking lot of the Ministry of Interior in Wad Al-Joz, Jerusalem. While he was inside the truck, he was surprised by a Special Forces person pulling him outside the truck and verbally assaulting him. He told him: “Why did you hit my car that is parked here?” While talking about it and ensuring his readiness to fix it and giving him the required documents, he was attacked by the Special Forces person and was hit multiple times on his chest, back and head. Shweiki was surprised to be assaulted especially that he did not deny hitting his car.

Shweiki pointed out that he had hit the car last Tuesday in the parking lot of the Ministry of Interior and wasn’t able to get to the owner. He left the area after waiting for more than one hour.

He added that a group of young men attempted to stop the assault but were also severely beaten.

On the other hand, Ahmad Tawil explained that a group of young men tried to prevent the assault on the driver but the forces beat them and threatened to shoot them. Three Special Forces personnel along with guards working at the Ministry of Interior quickly arrived and also assaulted the young men.

Tawil pointed out he suffered a swollen eye.