Her son passed away last September...The Martyrdom of Siham Nimer and the intelligence arrests her two daughters
March 29, 2017

The 49-year old Siham Rateb Nimer passed away on Wednesday after occupation soldiers opened fire towards her near the entrance of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem while the occupation intelligence arrested her two daughters and requested her husband for interrogation.

Witnesses explained that the soldiers opened fire towards the Jerusalemite woman while passing in the area of Damascus Gate along with her two daughters; note that verbal altercations had broken out between the woman and the soldiers. Witnesses added they were surprised when the soldier shot her in the chest and lower limbs.

Witnesses also added the forces raided and surrounded the area of Damascus Gate and prevented anyone from approaching the injured woman as one paramedic was passing in the area and tried to provide her with first-aid but was not allowed to approach her.

Also, witnesses said the forces evacuated the area of Damascus Gate after shooting the Jerusalemite woman and sprayed pepper gas towards young men. Siham is the mother of Martyr Mustafa Nimer who passed away after occupation soldiers opened fire towards his vehicle in Shu'fat Refugee Camp in Jerusalem last September after claiming that he attempted to carry out a run-over attack against the soldiers in the streets of the Refugee Camp.

The Martyr's brother-in-law and fiancé denied the occupation's claims. Later on, it was revealed that the incident was only a "traffic accident". Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed by lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud that the forces arrested Siham's two daughters; Zahra Nimer 20, and Manar Nimer 22. The Martyr's family said the occupation intelligence requested her husband for interrogation.