Prison sentences…extensions of arrest
April 3, 2017

The Israeli judges sentenced one young man and three children while the occupation forces raided a house for Abbasi family in Silwan.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the judge sentenced Seif Abu Ta’a for 30 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 10 months for two years.

The judge sentenced the youth Ahmad Shatat for 6 months, Mousa Dab’ee and Sami Naser for 5 months each and imposed a 3-thousand NIS fine on each in addition to a suspended probation of 4 months for three years.

The judge extended the arrest of the youth Mohammad Atrash and Khader Joulani until 5/4/2017, Muhammad Atyeh and Nour Eddin Mheisen until 4/4/2017, Mouayad Abu Mayaleh until 4/5/2017 (witnesses’ hearing session), Mohammad Mhalwes until 9/4/2017.

The judge also extended the arrest of Ali Bader until 5/4/2017 and Ameed Obeid until 16/5/2017.

On the other hand, the occupation forces along with intelligence personnel raided the house of Salah Abbasi in the “Upper Ein” in Silwan.

Abbasi family explained that occupation forces personnel, some in civilian clothes, raided the house of Abbasi family when two children were playing in the outside courtyard. They made them enter the house and then searched the entire house; the search operation lasted for 4 hours. A pregnant woman, an elderly and two children were detained and prevented them from moving. They also ordered them to turn their cell phones off.

The family explained that the forces searched all of the house’s facilities; inside and outside.