Extensions of arrest…release on condition of deportation from residency
April 12, 2017

The occupation judges extended the arrest of several Jerusalemites and released two young men on condition of deporting them from their residency.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the judge extended the arrest of Bilal Ghateet and Yazan Husseini (minors) until 16/4/2017; Farid Abulhawa, Mohammad Abulhawa Mohammad Abu Sbitan, Ahmad Ashayer, Baha’ Abu Jom’a, Nasim Kleib, Malek Al-Qaq and Ahmad Hadreh until 14/4/2017; Mohammad Nimer and Dia’ Obeid until 7/5/2017 and Sami Abed Fteiha until tomorrow.

The judge also released Adam Hamdan and Ali Hamdan on condition of deporting them from their residency in Silwan for 20 days in addition to a third-party bail for each. Omar Da’na was released on condition of house-arrest for 10 days.