The occupation forces arrest 16 Jerusalemites…and isolated one young man from Al-Aqsa Mosque
April 14, 2017

The occupation police extended the arrest of 13 Jerusalemites that were arrested while leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque after finishing the Friday Prayer.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer explained that the Israeli forces arrested several young man and children while they were leaving Al-Aqsa, they are:

  1. Yazan Maher Hirbawi- Old City of Jerusalem
  2. Abdullah Mu’taz Hirbawi (16) - Old City of Jerusalem
  3. Mustafa Ahmad Noreen (17) - Old City of Jerusalem
  4. Saeed Ahmad Noreen (18) - Old City of Jerusalem
  5. Hisham Mohammad Bashiti (16) - Old City of Jerusalem
  6. Majd Hilmi Assaileh (15) – Silwan
  7. Mohammad Murad Najib (15) - Old City of Jerusalem
  8. Mo’men Maher Karaki (15) – Al-Tur
  9. Mohammad Maher Karaki (17) – Al-Tur
  10. Mohammad Musbah Abu Sbeih (14) – Silwan
  11. Mahmoud Adaween (23) – Shu’fat Refugee Camp
  12. Ahmad Mansour Abu Gharbieh (19) – Al-Sowaneh
  13. Mufeed Ziad Sa’eedeh (17) – Wadi Al-Joz
  14. Mahmoud Ayman Abu Shousheh (13) – Wadi Al-Joz

The lawyer also pointed out that the police extended the arrest of most detainees until Saturday while Mohammad Abu Shousheh was released after being detained for 4 hours at Salah Eddin Street police station.

Local sources also said the forces arrested Ihab Tirhee (14) and Ali Salhi (12) from Shu’fat Refugee Camp.

The occupation police isolated on Friday Hijazi Abu Sbeih from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 30 days.