A sit-in in solidarity with prisoners…arrests…extensions of arrest
April 19, 2017

The occupation police arrested Nour Shalabi from inside the Red Cross headquarters while participating in a sit-in carried out in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

The National Labor Authority, Jerusalemites prisoners’ families committee and Prisoner’s Club organized a sit-in inside the Red Cross headquarters in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners currently undergoing an open hunger strike.

Participants held pictures of prisoners and slogans supporting them. Police personnel were stationed at the entrance of the Red Cross and took pictures of the participants.

 Dismantling the prisoners’ tent

In the village of Esawyeh, the occupation soldiers dismantled and confiscated a sit-in tent that was put up in the middle of the tent in solidarity with the prisoners.


The occupation forces arrested the journalist photographer Fayez Abu Rmeileh and another young man after assaulting him in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. The forces also arrested one young man from Shu’fat Refugee Camp.

Extensions of arrest

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the judge extended the arrest of Khaldoun Sarhan and his brother Sarhan as well as their sister Samah and cousin Ihab until 20/4/2017.

The judge also extended the arrest of Yousef Hajeej until 21/4/2017 and released Mohammad Ja’bari on condition of open house-arrest; he was arrested under the pretext of violating his releasing conditions. The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Dar Ali until completing the legal procedures against him.

In the same context, the judge extended the arrest of Nour Eddin Mheisen and Ahmad Hadreh until 23/4/2017, Yousef Abu Sneineh until 22/6/2017 (witnesses hearing session), Amin Hamed and Mohammad Mheisen until 23/4/2017, Ali Bader until 3/5/2017 and Eyad Assaileh until 16/5/2017.

Administrative arrests

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the judge approved the administrative arrest imposed on Omar Fakhouri until 13/7/2017, and Abdel Karim Shyoukhi for 3 months.


The police released 13-year old Mohammad Abu Asab on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 20 days and a third-party bail.

The occupation police released Naser Nofal and Fares Abu Ghannam on condition of deportation from the Old City of Jerusalem for 14 days.

Also, the police released Mustafa Abu Sneineh (minor) on condition of house-arrest for 5 days; he is allowed to go to his school.