Pictures: Suppressing a sit-in supporting prisoners in Silwan
April 22, 2017

The occupation forces suppressed on Saturday afternoon a sit-in organized by Fateh movement in Silwan with sound grenades and rubber bullets.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that Fateh movement in Silwan organized a sit-in across from the demonstration tent in the village in solidarity with prisoners currently undergoing a hunger strike for the 6th consecutive day. Participants chanted for the prisoners and raised solidarity logos. An occupation forces’ vehicle followed by an infantry unit raided the area and prevented the continuation of the sit-in.

The occupation soldiers harassed and followed the participants while walking towards Ein Al-Lozeh, fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the young men who responded with throwing stones.

The center was informed that the Jerusalemite activist Souad Abu Rammouz was injured in her leg with shrapnel of a sound grenade.

The residents of Ein Al-Lozeh explained that the forces fired sound grenades towards their houses causing a fire to break out in a piece of land; the forces also ascended the roofs of several houses.