Martyr Ibrahim Matar buried in the city of Jerusalem
May 3, 2017

The body of Martyr Ibrahim Mahmoud Matar (25) was buried after midnight Wednesday in Al-Mujahedeen Cemetery in the area of Herod’s Gate in Jerusalem amid Israeli closures and restrictions.

Only 20 individuals from the Martyr’s family were allowed to participate in receiving the body, performing the Prayer and burying him in the cemetery concurrently with the presence of Special Forces, intelligence personnel and police officers that surrounded the cemetery and closed the streets leading to it (Salah Eddin Street, Sultan Suleiman Street, Herod’s Gate and Damascus Gate). The police established checkpoints and isolated the locals from the area. They also isolated journalists and kept them at distance from the cemetery in addition to obstructing their work while the body was being released.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from the prisoners’ affairs commission explained that the occupation authorities released the body of Martyr Matar after midnight in the presence of 20 persons only from the Martyr’s family. It is noteworthy that the Israeli authorities limited the number of participants in the funeral to 20 people, specified the cemetery where the Martyr will be buried and conditioned the family to deposit an amount of money to ensure commitment to the conditions.

Regarding the procedures that accompanied the releasing process, lawyer Mahmoud explained that the authorities completely closed the area of the cemetery and pushed everyone away. The Martyr’s family members were precisely searched more than once before receiving the body.

Martyr Matar was martyred on 13/3/2017 after being murdered while heading to pray the Dawn Prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque. He was stopped in the area of Lions Gate and was then taken inside the police station. After being searched and leaving the station, a soldier started screaming and immediately shots were fired towards the young man. The police claimed that Matar attempted a stabbing attack while no videos proved their claims knowing that surveillance cameras are installed all over the place.

The occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of Martyrs Musbah Abu Sbeih who was martyred last October and Martyr Fadi Qunbar who was martyred last January; they are both from Jerusalem.