The occupation authorities demolish a house in the village of Sur Baher and displace its residents
May 4, 2017

The occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Thursday a house owned by Ashraf Fawaqa in the village of Sur Baher south of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit.

Fawaqa explained that the municipality demolished his house which was established 6 years ago under the pretext of building without a permit. In the last few years, he attempted to obtain a building permit in order to avoid the demolition of his 100-square meters house where 6 individuals including 4 children (older is 8 years old and youngest is a 2-month baby).

Fawaqa added that the District and Magistrate courts as well as the municipality’s court ratified the demolition order knowing that the municipality’s court decided at the beginning of last February to demolish the house with any further extensions. Fawaqa filed in an appeal through his lawyer and the demolition was postponed until March and he was forced to pay 30 thousand NIS to postpone the demolition in addition to the court fees. After the District court’s judge rejected the appeal, he decided to consider the 30 thousand NIS as demolition costs paid to the municipality; he also paid a building violation fine of 60-thousand NIS.