Pictures- The Martyrdom of a girl in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem…closures and assaults
May 7, 2017

The 16-year old Fatima Afif Abdelrahman Hajiji from Qarawat Bani Zeid in Ramallah was martyred on Sunday evening after being shot by the occupation forces in the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem under the pretext of an alleged stabbing attack.

Witnesses explained that the forces opened fire towards the Palestinian girl when she was nearly 10 meters away from them as she was standing by one the entrances of Damascus Gate courtyards only meters away from a police checkpoint (barriers and soldiers). One soldier screamed and said “knife” and the soldiers immediately fired their guns towards the girl. Nearly 30 bullets were fired towards the girl despite the fact that she did not stab anyone or pose any threat to the soldiers who were away from her.

Witnesses said the Martyr was shot in the chest and fell on the ground, and the soldiers continued to open fire towards her; there was no attempt to arrest or even injure her.

The occupation police were immediately deployed in the area of Damascus Gate and closed it, and prevented anyone from approaching the injured girl.

In a related matter, the 9-year old Mahmoud Abu Sbeih was injured with multiple bruises after falling off a high wall in the area of Damascus Gate while being chased by Calvary units; he was transferred to the hospital for treatment.

Also, one young man suffered burns in his face after the occupation forces sprayed pepper gas towards the locals in Sultan Suleiman Street. The Palestinian Red Crescent crews transferred him for treatment.

One taxi was affected by the shooting incident as the forces randomly opened fire.