The Martyrdom of Mohammad Kasji after an alleged stabbing attack
May 13, 2017

A 57-year old Jordanian citizen identified as Mohammad Abdullah Salim Kasji was martyred on Saturday afternoon after stabbing a police officer near Al-Silsileh Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Jordanian government held the Israeli government responsible for killing Kasji. 

The occupation authorities turned the area of the incident into a military zone and deployed their forces in the area, and established checkpoints and completely closed the area and prevented anyone from entering or leaving. They also forced store-owners to close their shops. 

The stabbing incident occurred on Saturday afternoon near the road of Al-Silsileh Gate. Kasji attacked a police officer and stabbed him in his neck and face. The officer responded by opening fire towards the attacker. A settlers' guard arrived in the area and also opened fire towards Kasji and directly shot him in the head according to eyewitnesses. 

Witnesses also said the Jordanian citizen remained bleeding on the ground without being checked or treated. Medical crews arrived in the area and provided the injured officer with the necessary treatment. 

Jordanian government 

The State Minister for media affairs and official spokesman of the Jordanian government, Dr. Mohammad Momani, said in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is following up the details of the Martyrdom of Mohammad Kasji theough the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv. 

The government denounced the terrible crime against the Jordanian citizen and requested Israel to provide them with the crime's full details. 

Kasji had left Jordan through Sheikh Hussein crossing north of Jordan heading to Israel on a tourist visa and did not come back with the rest of group he was accompanying. 


After the incident, the occupation forces arrested a group of young men including Kifah Da'na who is a resident of the Old City of Jerusalem. They also arrested one of Al-Aqsa guards (Emran Rajabi) and two others.

Closing the stores of "Al-Silsileh Gate"

The merchants of Al-Silseh Gate said the occupation forces ordered them to close their shops immediately after the stabbing incident and checked their IDs. 

They also closed roads in the Old City of Jerusalem and increased their presence at the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City. They prevented locals from entering or leaving for nearly half an hour and closed the area of the incident for nearly two hours.