Pictures- Tens of thousands of settlers participate in the “flags” march…suppressing sit-ins…arrests
May 24, 2017

On the 50th anniversary of occupying the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem (according to the Hebrew calendar), tens of thousands of settlers arrived to the city of Jerusalem to participate in the yearly flags march which initiated from West Jerusalem and headed towards the Wailing Wall passing through the streets of the city. The march was supervised by the Israeli Chief of Police, Roni Sheikh, and the occupation forces suppressed a sit-in carried out by Jerusalemites and other peace activists in the area of Damascus Gate.

Tens of thousands of settlers participated in a large march that started from West Jerusalem and headed towards East Jerusalem. Most of them marched through Damascus Gate and Al-Wad Street reaching the Wailing Wall while another big group was allowed for the first time to walk from Damascus Gate to Herod’s Gate and then to Lions and Dung Gates until they reached the Wailing Wall.

During the Israeli flags march, settlers formed dancing and singing rings especially in the courtyard of Damascus Gate. Many wore shirts with pictures of the “Alleged Temple” in addition to racist slogans against Palestinians and Arabs.

Before the march, the occupation forces closed several junctions and streets in the city and established checkpoints and iron barriers. Dozens of policemen, Special Forces, borders control and intelligence personnel were deployed in the streets and along the path of the march specifically in the area of Damascus Gate, Nablus Road and Herod’s Gate which obstructed the movement of Jerusalemites.

Suppressing a sit-in…arrests

A group of Jerusalemites gathered in the area of Damascus Gate and raised the Palestinians flag. Within minutes, the forces assaulted and beat them and forced them to leave the area; they seized the Palestinian flags.

Peace activists formed a human chain near Damascus Gate to protest against the flags march but were also assaulted by the occupation forces.

The forces also confiscated Palestinian flags from members of “Neturei Karta” organization while they were in Nablus Street.

The forces arrested Amjad Shweiki and Areen Za’aneen.

After evacuating the courtyard and stairs of Damascus Gate, Jerusalemites organized a sit-in in Nablus Street to condemn the settlers’ march. They chanted for the prisoners and raised their pictures.