The Musta’ribeen unit (undercover police) arrests two youths from the village of Esawyeh
May 25, 2017

The Musta’ribeen unit (undercover police) arrested on Thursday afternoon two Jerusalemite youths from the village of Esawyeh in Jerusalem.

Member of follow up-committee in the village of Esawyeh, Mohammad Abu Hummos, explained that occupation forces raided the village in a bus accompanied by undercover police and intelligence personnel and their vehicles. They attacked two children and arrested them, they are: Mohammad Omar Atyeh (16) and Mohammad Habash (17).

Abu Hummos said the occupation forces severely beaten the youths during the arrest.

He added that the occupation authorities deliberately initiate trouble in the village of Esawyeh as the bus entered the village and was an ambush to arrested children and young men. 

Abu Hummos added that the occupation forces recently set up a similar ambush nearly two weeks ago by bringing the forces’ bus in the village and executing arrests.