Details of assaulting Abdel Hay Al-Zeer and injuring him with fractures in his arm
June 13, 2017

The 60-year old Abdel Hay Al-Zeer was injured with fractures in his arm after he was assaulted by Special Forces in front of his house in Silwan.

Al-Zeer explained that the forces arrested him and his son Ahmad on charges of assaulting policemen and obstructing their work while raiding the area surrounding their house in Silwan. He pointed out that the police released him while extended the arrest of his son to present him to court.

Regarding the attack, Al-Zeer explained that the occupation forces along with intelligence personnel raided the surrounding of his house in Abbasyeh neighborhood in Silwan when he was standing in the outside courtyard. One of the officers called him and asked him to open multiple doors adjacent to his house.

Al-Zeer added that he told the officer that one of the doors belongs to the neighbors and the officer responded and said: “If you don’t open it, I will break your arm”. Al-Zeer said: “I had the keys of my car, house and work and the officer asked for all of them and asked me again to open the doors. My 15-year old son Ahmad was sitting in the car in front of the house and the soldiers dismounted him and attacked him and severely beat him for no reason. As I objected to the assault, the soldiers attacked me as well and I could hear something popped in my arm; the forces continued to hit me.”

Al-Zeer explained that the forces took him and his son to Salah Eddin Street police station where he lost consciousness due to the severe pain he was in. He was screaming and yelling but the soldiers detained him until night time. He was strip searched and was verbally assaulted along with his son.