Supreme Court request the prosecution to quickly respond regarding the Martyrs’ bodies detained in freezers
June 14, 2017

The Israeli Supreme Court requested on Wednesday the public prosecution to respond to the issue of detaining Martyrs’ bodies within a week.

The lawyer of prisoners’ affairs committee, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the Israeli Supreme Court requested the prosecution to respond to the issue of detained Martyrs’ bodies no later than 21/6/2017. The court also imposed a 3-thousand NIS fine on the public prosecution because of delaying their response.

Lawyer Mahmoud said the Supreme Court held a session on 22/3/2017 to discuss the appeal submitted on behalf of the families of Palestinian Martyrs’ whose bodies are detained in the occupation’s freezers. The judge decided to give the prosecution 45 days to respond to this issue and then gave then an additional month until 14/6/2017 based on the prosecution’s request; the court decided that there should be no further extensions.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the Supreme Court will schedule a session as soon as possible to discuss the deliberations of both sides.