The Martyrdom of three young Palestinian men in Jerusalem…injuries…arrests
June 17, 2017

Three young Palestinian men from the village of Der Abu Mash’al west of the city of Ramallah were martyred on Friday in the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of carrying out a stabbing and shooting attack.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the martyrdom of Bara’ Ibrahim Saleh (18), Adel Hasan Ahmad Ankoosh (18) and Usama Ahmad Ata (19).

The occupation police said in a statement that the three young men carried out a joint attack in Sultan Suleiman Street and the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Two young men opened fire in Sultan Suleiman Street and attempted to stab an Israeli soldier in the area while the third young man stabbed a female soldier in the area of Damascus Gate.

While opening fire towards the young men, several locals were injured by shrapnel of bullets. Witnesses explained that the forces randomly and heavily opened fire towards the young men when the streets were packed with locals especially that the incident occurred right before the time to break the fast -Evening Call to Prayer.

The Red Crescent said its crews treated one person who was injured in the leg by shrapnel of bullets while three others were injured with burns and suffocations and were treated on the spot.

One young Jerusalemite man was injured in the kidney area while 31-year old Amer Badawi from Hebron was also injured as he was passing by in the area.

After the Martyrdom of the three Palestinians, the occupation forces closed the areas of Damascus Gate and Sultan Suleiman Street, and prevented locals from passing through or approaching the area. They also forced the owners of commercial stored to close their shops.

The occupation forces established iron barriers in the streets leading to Damascus Gate and imposed a complete cordon on the area while the three Martyrs remained on the ground for hours before being transported in private vehicles.

In the areas of Herod’s Gate, Al-Musrara and Nablus Street in Jerusalem, the occupation forces harassed the locals and fired sound grenades towards them. They also assaulted and pushed several young men and arrested six people.

The forces also pushed and assaulted journalists Liwa’ Abu Rmeileh, Mohammad Sharif, Mohammad Abed Rabbo and Amir Abed Rabbo while they were in the area of Herod’s Gate.

The occupation authorities announced the death of the Israeli female soldier that was stabbed in the area of Damascus Gate.