The Israeli public prosecution responds to the Supreme Court- not releasing Martyrs’ bodies might lead to an advance in negotiations with Hamas movement to bring back the bodies of Israeli soldiers
June 21, 2017

The Israeli public prosecution said in its response to the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the matter of releasing Martyrs’ bodies that “not releasing Martyrs’ bodies might improve the negotiating conditions with Hamas movement regarding the bodies of Israeli soldier that are detained by them” taking into consideration that all Palestinian Martyrs’ bodies that are detained are members or supporters of Hamas movement.

The lawyer of prisoners’ affairs, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the public prosecution claimed that the Israeli Cabinet decided not to release the detained Palestinian Martyrs’ bodies.

They also added: “The Martyrs Abdel Hamid Abu Sroor, Rami Awartani, Mohammad Faqeeh, Musbah Abu Sbeih and Mohammad Tarayra were supporters of Hamas movement or had a relation with the movement. Therefore, not releasing their bodies might lead to an advance to the negotiations with Hamas regarding the bodies of Israeli soldiers detained by them. It can also help in improving the negotiating conditions.”

Lawyer Mahmoud said the Supreme Court held a session on 22/3/2017 to discuss the appeal submitted on behalf of the families of Palestinian Martyrs’ whose bodies are detained in the occupation’s freezers. The judge decided to give the prosecution 45 days to respond to this issue and then gave then an additional month until 14/6/2017 based on the prosecution’s request. The court gave the prosecution one week to respond and decided that there should be no further extensions. It also imposed a 3-thousand NIS fine on the public prosecution because of delaying their response.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that the court will schedule a hearing session in the upcoming days to discuss the Martyr’ bodies matter.