A multi-million Shekel lawsuit against the wife and children of Martyr Fadi Qunbar
June 29, 2017

The occupation government filed a lawsuit against the heirs of Martyr Fadi Qunbar demanding them to financially compensate the soldiers that were killed and injured; the lawsuit could reach several million Shekels.

The family of Martyr Qunbar received the lawsuit which was filed against the Martyr’s wife, Tahani, and his four children (Izz Eddin, Jana, Ghazal and Mohammad). According to the lawsuit, they are required to compensate the injured soldiers and the families of those who were killed for the physical and psychological damage they were subject to after the attack that was carried by Martyr Fadi Qunbar in his truck in the settlement of “Armon Hanatsiv” that is established on the lands of the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber.

Qunbar family explained that the occupation government is requesting the heirs of Martyr Fadi Qunbar to compensate the families of the four dead soldiers with no less than 2 million NIS for each, and 8400 NIS for the funeral costs of each soldiers as well as job-compensations (salaries, retirement, shortening their lives and the pain caused to their families).

The lawsuit also demanded to compensate the 13 injured soldiers (3 critical injuries and the rest between light to moderate injuries).

The occupation authorities continue to detain the body of Martyr Fadi Qunbar since the beginning of the current year. They also closed the Martyr’s house in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber with cement.