Pictures: Demonstrations and Prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque’s gates…injuries…arrests
July 16, 2017

Dozens of Palestinians continued demonstrating at the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque refusing the electronic gates that were installed for worshippers to go through.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that dozens of worshippers performed their Prayers from Dawn until Night in the areas of Lions Gate and Al-Majles Gate and refused to go through the electronic gates.

The Islamic Awqaf officials, Al-Awqaf council, Islamic Commission, Jerusalem governorate and national powers in Jerusalem participated in the Prayers on Monday to confirm their unity regarding the new Israeli procedures at Al-Aqsa. The occupation had installed electronic gates at Lions Gate, Al-Majles Gate, Al-Silsileh Gate and Al-Hadeed Gate which is still closed since last Friday.

Attacking worshippers

The center added that the occupation authorities attacked the worshippers in the area of Lions Gate during the Noon, Evening and Night Prayers by assaulting and pushing them away from the courtyard of Lions Gate; a woman and a child were arrested.

At night, the forces attacked the worshippers with sound grenades and beat them with batons right before the Evening and Night Prayers; they also attempted to isolate them from the area of Lions Gate. 

The occupation forces stationed at Lions Gate checked the IDs of young men and precisely searched them in a provocative way before allowing them to enter the Old City of Jerusalem.


The Palestinian Red Crescent in Jerusalem said they have dealt with 50 injuries during the occupation’s suppression against worshippers in the area of Lions Gate. Fifteen of those injuries were transferred to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment while 35 were treated on field.

Among the injuries were 16 by rubber bullets, 9 by sound grenades and 25 due to soldiers’ assaults.

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti was among the injured and the Jerusalemite activist Kayed Rajabi was injured by a sound grenade in his hand while activist Jamil Abbasi was injured with 3 rubber bullets.

Demonstration for Al-Awqaf employees

Dozens of Al-Awqaf employees demonstrated near Al-Majles Gate and refused to enter Al-Aqsa through the electronic gates.

Issuing fines

The occupation municipality issued fines of 250 NIS each for the live broadcast vehicles parked in the area of Lions Gate.