Pictures- For the fourth consecutive day…Prayers at Al-Aqsa gates…arrests...closing the mosques of Jerusalem on Friday
July 19, 2017

For the fourth consecutive day, all five Prayers were held at Al-Majles and Lions Gate in refusal of the metal detectors placed at Al-Aqsa gates.

The Islamic Awqaf department issued on Wednesday a decision to close all the mosques in the neighborhoods and villages of the city of Jerusalem on Friday and head to pray in front of the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque in refusal of the metal detectors. National powers and religious commissions also called to head to Al-Aqsa Mosque for the Friday Noon Prayer instead of praying at the mosques of the neighborhoods and villages.

Despite the continuous suppression of demonstrators, the number is increasing on a daily basis. On Wednesday, Muslims from Turkey, United States and South Asia came to the city of Jerusalem and refused to enter through the metal detectors.

 Suppression and arrest

After the Noon Prayer on Wednesday, the occupation soldiers surrounded the worshippers and attacked them with sound grenades and beat them with their batons. They also severely beat two young men and arrested them; Issam Shallodi and Ahmad Abu Ghannam.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the forces followed Abu Ghannam before stopping him and punching him in the face for no reason. He was then taken to the police station.

They also searched several young men and checked their IDs and threatened to arrest them if they continue to pray at Al-Aqsa gates. Young men refused the threats and insisted on their right to reach Al-Aqsa gates and pray.

Dozens of Muslims especially the employees and officials of the Islamic Awqaf department continued to protest at Al-Majles Gate since the morning hours. Occupation forces raided the area in the afternoon hours and arrested Tarek Hashlamon and Amjad Sumri.

The occupation forces also installed surveillance cameras at Al-Majles Gate.

Thousands of worshippers were gathered in the areas of Lions Gate and Hutta Gate during the Evening and Night Prayers and performed the prayers under heavy presence of occupation forces.

The center explained that the occupation forces prevented locals from entering the Old City of Jerusalem nearly 30 minutes before the Evening Prayer in an attempt to stop them from reaching Al-Aqsa gates. Many worshippers were forced to pray at the gates of the Old City.

The forces arrested Eyad Tawil while being in the area of Lions Gate.


The occupation forces arrested Mahran Shweiki (14) from his house in the neighborhood of Bi’er Ayoub in Silwan and extended his arrest until Thursday. They also extended the arrest of Majd Al-A’war until Thursday and Louai Rajabi and Mohammad Abu Sbeih until Friday.