Pictures: 79 injuries in Jerusalem…arrests…Prayers at Al-Aqsa gates
July 20, 2017

On Thursday night, 79 worshippers were injured with wounds and bruises after the occupation forces suppressed them in the area of Lions Gate between the Evening and Night Prayers. The forces heavily fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the worshippers.  

Mohammad Fityani, a paramedic at the Palestinians Red Crescent and spokesman of the center, explained that the Red Crescent staff dealt with 79 injuries (42 were treated on field while 37 were transferred to the hospital). Among the injuries were 2 injuries in the chest and one in the head.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that thousands of worshippers performed the Evening Prayer in the area of Lions Gate. Right before the Night Prayer, the forces heaving fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the worshippers and dispersed them by force. A group of worshippers were able to stay in the area despite the random assault and heavy firing of grenades.

The center was also informed that the Red Crescent staff was assaulted by the occupation forces as they were stopped and the forces attempted to arrest one paramedic. They also prevented vehicles from reaching the area of Lions Gate. 

The center pointed out that the group of people that were suppressed was mostly women, children and elderly. The forces also assaulted and pushed press crews.

Thousands of Palestinians continued praying at Al-Majles and Lions gates refusing the metal detectors placed at Al-Aqsa gates.

A march initiated from the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday before the Noon Prayer.

Due to the metal detectors, the family of a deceased Jerusalemite performed the funeral Prayer at Lions Gate outside Al-Aqsa Mosque after the occupation authorities conditioned the family to only enter through the metal detectors with no more than 20 people. The family refused and insisted on the unity of the Palestinian decision regarding the metal detectors.

The occupation forces arrested Rami Fakhouri and another child from the area of Lions Gate.