Injuries and arrests after suppressing thousands of worshippers in the area of Lions Gate
July 25, 2017

Thirteen worshippers were injured with wounds and bruises after the occupation forces attacked and suppressed thousands of worshippers with sound grenades and rubber bullets after the Night Prayer in the area of Lions Gate inside and outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Red Crescent explained that 13 people were injured while suppressing worshippers with sound grenades and rubber bullets. Three injuries were transferred to the hospital for treatment (2 injuries by rubber bullets and a girl that was injured in her head and hand).

The occupation forces chased and suppressed worshippers in the area of Lions Gate (inside and outside the Old City of Jerusalem) and used force to disperse them from the area. They randomly fired sound grenades between the worshippers and followed them to the area of Wad Al-Joz and the entrance of Silwan; Cavalry units also participated in suppressing worshippers.

The forces also fired sound grenades towards journalists and paramedics in the area and prevented them from carrying out their duties. Among the journalists that were arrested was Fayez Abu Rmeileh; he was assaulted and severely beaten during the arrest.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said that Fayez Abu Rmeileh (25), Ishaq Daoud Natsheh (24), Majdi Ahmad Atrash (20), Taher Khaled Idris (22) and Hamzeh Samer Abu Diab (17) were arrested from the area of Lions Gate.

The forces also arrested Ahmad Daoud Aweisat while walking in the area of Ras Al-Amoud in Jerusalem.

Thousands of worshippers continued demonstrating and praying at the gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque (Al-Majles and Lions Gates) in refusal of cameras installed at Al-Aqsa gates.

The forces also arrested three young men from the village of Silwan. They are: Yousef Al-Sha’er, Fayez Rajabi and Baha’ Rajabi.

Also, 16-year old Mohammad Awni Siam was arrested from the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan.