A wide series of arrests in the villages and neighborhoods of Jerusalem
July 31, 2017

The occupation forces carried out a wide series of arrests in the village and neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Intelligence personnel along with occupation forces raided the villages of Silwan and Esawyeh, Old City of Jerusalem and the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz and surrounded several streets before storming into houses and executing arrests.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the detainees were:


  1. Mohammad Abed Mughrabi
  2. Mohammad Joudeh Abulhawa
  3. Amir Maher Abu Jom’a
  4. Ahmad Za’tari
  5. Fares Abu Ghannam
  6. Amir Karawi
  7. Mohammad Abu Sbitan
  8. Ali Abu Jom’a
  9. Ahmad Abu Jom’a
  10. Majd Sayyad
  11. Mohammad Abu Sbitan
  12. As’ad Jamil Abulhawa
  13. Mohannad Abu Jom’a
  14. Firas Ibrahim Khweis
  15. Mohammad Khaled Mughrabi
  16. Ibrahim Arafat Abu Sbitan (14)
  17. Hamzeh Zaki Khweis (15)
  18. Ahmad Marwan Abu Jom’a (17)

Wad Al-Joz

  1. Raed Saeed Nijem
  2. Ramez Ajloni (14)
  3. Nour Eddin Mheisen (17)


  1. Mohammad Azzam Abu Rammouz
  2. Mohammad Zeid Al-Qaq
  3. Ahmad Jawdat Abed Al-Razem
  4. Fadel Allah Abbasi
  5. Abdullah Idris


  1. Ismaeel Tawfiq Mheisen

Old City of Jerusalem

  1. Mohammad Shallodi
  2. Mohammad Ajloni
  3. Ayham Za’aneen