Arrests in the Old City of Jerusalem and the village of Al-Tur
August 9, 2017

The occupation forces arrested three Jerusalemites late Wednesday night after stopping them in Al-Wad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Witnesses said the occupation forces were stopping young men and children in Al-Wad Street on Wednesday night, and were checking their IDs and searching them; several Jerusalemites were arrested. 

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that among the detainees were Yousef Ragheb Hazeeneh (17), Yousef Ahmad Yousef and Ala’ Munther Rajabi (16); they transferred to Al-Qishleh interrogation center.

The forces also arrested Suleiman Sayyad from the village of Al-Tur and Mahmoud Idris from the Old City of Jerusalem.